Lauren Sargent

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Zombie Sweetheart

Dear Future Husband, In these trying times, I often think of you to get through the days. Will you be tall or short? Will you have brown eyes or blue? Will you eat hot dogs or brains? Simple questions like that run through my mind […]

10 Seconds of Being the Blandest Person

To start off my evening of writing assignments for DS106 I decided to do this 10 seconds of thanks prompt because there’s nothing like rushing to say all the things you’re grateful for to wake you up. Here’s what I managed to pull together, including […]

The Re-Ending of the World

An alternate ending to The Defenders by Philip K. Dick.  The tube back to beneath the surface had been sealed. Moss, Franks and Taylor shared a look between them that communicated sheer panic and a loss of words. There was no way back to their […]

Products of the Apocalypse: A Handy Dandy Mirror

Yes, this IS product placement. I made this purchase on Amazon, not expecting it to be one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Check out my review here and get your own mirror to start living it up like I did! So I decided […]