Lauren Sargent

E.T. Phone Home

In this audio assignment worth a whopping 5 stars, I created a phone call from the perspective of a character in Philip K. Dick’s short story, The Defenders. This assignment was the perfect one for doing what we were assigned to this week: weave in something that has to do with a story we’ve experienced so far in the class. While I’ve read some short stories and listened to others, this one seemed like the best choice to me. The situation where some humans were stuck above ground and others were stuck below ground makes for a great opportunity for a phone call or message left to communicate between them. I took on the personality of Taylor, a worker separated from his wife and his company, and delivered a joyous message to the underground. To represent his character, I made the message have more formal language and have a hopeful tone. This is meant to be an uplifting, groundbreaking message because it’s letting the people underground know that the world is vibrant and ready to be lived in again!

To add to the phone call vibe, I downloaded some royalty free sound effects of a dial tone and busy tone to bookend around my speech. I also lowered the pitch of my speech in Audacity to make me a little more manly. Sadly there were no females for me to impersonate in my phone call. All in all, I’m happy with my phone call and hope it gives you a glimpse into Philip K. Dick’s future world post-post-apocalypse.

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