Lauren Sargent

Rise and Shine Audio Adventure

We all have our particular sounds of the morning, afternoon, and night. The bang of a door or squeaky board in the floor may be familiar to us but jarring to others. In this audio assignment, I explored that blurry line of familiarity and alienness by recording sounds around me that are familiar to me. I took samples of my roommate’s cat meeping, the jingle of his collar (a very routine sound), the creaky floor of my bedroom and finally my very loud toaster. What I was really surprised about was how these familiar sounds sounded foreign to me when recorded up close and isolated. The floor board especially sounded very strange to me when it was recorded with a microphone so close to it. You almost couldn’t tell it was a squeaky floor.

I wanted to be able to communicate a story with this audio assignment as well. Through arranging the sounds in a certain pattern and cutting them down so they blended together, I tried to make an audio story of a typical morning of waking up and going to the kitchen to make breakfast. Hopefully this is clear through listening to it! It was fun thinking of which sounds to capture and hearing them in succession. I’d actually recommend doing this activity if you get anxious or are away from home for a long time. Listening to the sounds you know best can be very soothing. Check out my morning mix below!

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