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This week we were asked to contribute two assignments for our fellow classmates to be able to complete. We could make two daily creates, two media assignments or one of both. Funnily enough, I submitted my first media assignment on a whim just last week! So for my second contribution, I decided to balance it out by trying to make a fun daily create.

The media assignment I created was near and dear to my heart because it involved Polyvore, a website where you can make collages of anything from designer clothes to furniture and everything in between. I thought it would be cool if people created outfits that different people and characters would wear during the apocalypse. This, of course, stems from my interest in apocalyptic fashion from the very start of the semester! So the goal of this assignment is to make an outfit out of real images of available clothing (through Polyvore, most preferably) that is functional for the apocalypse and in character. It has to be usable for whatever the person goes through daily. If you’re interested, give it a try here! I’m happy to see there’s already one submission.

An example of the assignment made by a Polyvore user for a made up character for Walking Dead!

Unfortunately, after typing this and linking the assignment to this blog, I discovered that the website Polyvore unexpectedly shut down just 3 days ago. Wow, what a hamper on what I wanted people to do! Hopefully I can edit it because this assignment IS still doable, just with taking pieces of clothing off websites and making them transparent. I hope Polyvore comes back though or something close to it because it made the assignment fun and easy to put together!

For my daily create, I also referred to something near and dear to my heart: nostalgic toys. Although the assignment isn’t totally about toys, you can use them. My daily create is to share something that makes you feel nostalgic. This could be a toy, a snack, a tv show, even a piece of clothing. I can’t wait to see people complete this daily create and see what everyone feels nostalgic about!

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