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When I took Intro to Theatre last semester, we discussed the origins of theatre. Theorists said that the art had a few possible roots: ritual, acting and storytelling. Each piece was feasibly an origin of theatre but only together did they make up the complete art. Jad Abumrad’s talks about radio made me think back to this discussion of theatre and I came to the conclusion that for me, radio is a very special form of theatre within itself. It is a return to ritualistic passing of stories through ancestors, as well as often full of acting, reacting, overacting and an audience to tie it all together. Even so, I think today’s growing fascination with podcasts and radio shows has created a resurgence of interest in broadcasting and new and progressive ways of using it have come to the forefront. While radio formats have stayed mostly the same, there are many people pushing the boundaries of radio for fresh narratives and new sounds to integrate in the collection of media people can consume today.

I really liked what Abumrad had to say about the concept of ‘co-imagining’. That’s one beauty about radio that I think can’t be matched by any other medium. You can watch a film together or read a book at the same time as someone, but you don’t get to experience your own imaginary world alongside someone quite in the same way as with radio. It seems like a passive task but it’s incredibly active in the way that your mind works to create pictures while you listen along. It would be incredible to craft an interactive experience like this for our own radio shows and make a landscape of mental pictures that everyone listening can partake in.

Actual footage of me learning about Audacity.

Audio is probably the portion of this class that I know the least about. I’ve mashed pictures together, taken photos with my phone and cameras, filmed with different mediums and written a bunch but I don’t dabble much in the audio arts. I have only done live radio and never edited audio (successfully, that is). In fact, my only experience with the Audacity program was in high school when we used it to record speaking tests and projects for my French classes. I had actually thought it was a program specifically for language classes up until recently. There will definitely be a learning curve when it comes to me creating audio. The audio resources page was helpful though. I didn’t even think of layering voices and combining audio in the ways they did in the RadioLab example. I though radio just involved speaking plainly and letting it go as is. I will attempt to use a combination of Audacity and GarageBand, perhaps, in my audio activities. Stay tuned to hear about my audio adventures, failures and growth!

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  • I am a Theatre major and also talked about theatre in this blog post! I know I’m a little late, but I’m so glad you were able to take that away from your Intro class. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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