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Rise and Shine, Listeners!

After a long struggle with internet following the insane windstorm this past Friday, I can finally share the beginnings of our radio project.

Last Thursday was the first meeting of The Sunrise Survivors: Elaina, Jillian, Alyssa and me! We coordinated a time to meet at the HCC and immediately began talking about everything we had to do. Coming up with a full length radio show is a lot of work, as expected. You have to think about theming, character development and narrative. We also were tasked with figuring out a name for our group/show so that was added to our to-do list. We talked about a lot of options for names and concepts for our show. We considered what our different characters would be good at and how they would fit together. Eventually we narrowed it down to a morning show with a variety of different segments so we could have something to fit each archetype we developed. We didn’t want to be like any other radio show though, so we reworked typical radio segments to be more original. I won’t spoil them here–you’ll have to wait and listen–but know that if you have a character in DS106, you might hear something about them on The Sunrise Survivors.

The Sunrise Survivors is what we decided on for our name after a long list of puns and girl-power centered options. It made the most sense for the morning show concept and it involved the apocalyptic theme of the class. I chose to make a poster to promote the Survivors’ upcoming hit show. At first, I made possibly the most hideous and stereotypical ‘sunrise’ design that I won’t submit you all to seeing. Luckily, my friend suggested I use the palette of Childish Gambino’s Kaui album. That made all the difference, as well as downloading some better looking fonts. Now I think it has more of the character we were looking for, while being recognizable as a radio show. Look forward to more progress with the Survivors in the coming weeks!


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