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Sunrise Survivors Debut

This Wednesday we began the recording of the Sunrise Survivors official first (and last) episode. We met in the HCC and rented a USB microphone to begin our recording. I know many people have come up with scripts and we considered doing the same but in the end we opted for going in with preconceived ideas but freestyling it. We were hoping to get a natural feeling of a real live radio show, with natural reactions and the rhythm of a real radio show. Hopefully we accomplished this! Each of us did draft up an outline for what we were going to say though.

One struggle we’ve had so far is scheduling time to work together. We all have different class, work and life schedules with a lot going on. Unfortunately, that meant that our first recording could only involve Elaina, Jillian and me. We wanted to make sure to get a good chunk of our recording done though so it was necessary. We recorded 3 segments in our first session: our advice segment, a conspiracy theory segment and the gossip/social segment. It’ll be a little difficult for us to meet up again and all together but that’s the next step. We want to record an intro and explain how our characters met, as well as finish our bumpers to place in between segments.

It’s been a blast working with everyone and I’m excited to finish up and hear everyone else’s shows next week!

Peace out until next post.

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