Lauren Sargent

The End of The End: Beginning

With impending graduation and impending doom on the menu, it’s been a little stressful lately. Not on my best work schedule but we’re getting through! I’ll get you guys up to date on what I’ve been up to and what I plan to do in the coming week.

First off, I’ve completed 2/7 of my daily creates and there’s lots more on the way. I helped name the Horse With No Name and chose a name I thought was fitting of its hair. There’s something especially funky about that mane that makes the tendrils look alive and… snaky.

I also created a one of a kind Lauren flavor of ice cream. It includes some of my favorite things: water (I know. I’m bland.), cats, pink, flowers, books and a little hint of almond. I created this in my usual fashion by using transparent images and blending them together on PhotoShop on top of a colored background. Looks yum to me.

I’ve also begun to plan and work on my final project, which you will see pieces of in the coming days, hopefully! I know I want to create a video that mashes up aspects of the class and evidence from the course of the semester. The other two media pieces, I’m still weighing in my head. Stay tuned for my second part of the end post with more daily creates and/or final project elements!

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