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The Survivors at Sunrise Debut

This past Wednesday, our show: Survivors at Sunrise, debuted at 10 PM. It had laughter, it had tears, it had some sick beats and cool bumpers. To be honest, I was nervous to hear the final result. I had a good time recording with everyone and we had good chemistry as we adlibbed and made a radio cast as natural as possible. But I was 1) anxious about hearing my own voice and 2) anxious to see how well it all flowed together as a whole. It turned out really well though and I enjoyed listening to our segments as if they were really a radio show. I think that all our segments blended together well and made sense as a whole. It felt like an E! radio show with gossip, advice and touching moments, just set in the apocalypse. There are a few things that looking back, I would have liked to improve on. I would have liked us to have some sound effects to immerse our listeners more and perhaps turn our story about meeting into something more like an ‘in the moment’ story. Another part that seemed to be ‘missing’ was background music while we talked. It felt a little empty sometimes so adding some background sound would really up the professionalism of our show. All in all, I enjoyed listening and especially seeing peoples’ reactions to our show.

Before the debut of our show, I listened to Apocairwave at 9:30. There’s a lot I loved about this show. First of all, I could tell that they spent a lot of time planning the narrative of their show. They took all their characters stories and tied them together in cool and exciting ways. They included flashbacks to the past and I was glued to my seat waiting to hear what was in the note they mentioned in the beginning. What really made their show was the sound effects and editing they did. I’m really curious if this was one person’s work or a group effort. Either way, it was awesome! The sound effects and background music made it immersive and I felt like I was listening to a radionovela.

Our radio “unit” was a lot of fun and gave me insight into what it’s like to really work in radio. As part of the radio club here on campus, I thought I knew what to expect. There’s a lot more that goes into an effective and interesting radio than I ever thought before. I’d like to continue to learn about radio and recording in the future and possibly work in that world as well!

4 thoughts on “The Survivors at Sunrise Debut”

  • We linked to the sound effects we wanted at certain parts for the portions we wrote, but Joshua did a majority of the actual editing!

  • Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to our radio show, but I find your notes on it interesting. I honestly did not think about the lack of background music when we were recording, but now that you bring it up, it probably would have added another great layer to our show.

  • I had been one of your avid listeners that night! I really wnjoyed your radio show! I’m glad to hear we’re not the only ones that don’t like to hear our own voices. It was a cause for anxiety with most of us in my group. In the end, yours still turned out so great!

  • Lauren, I definitely agree that we should have added some background music and sound effects to our show as it seemed a bit blank in the background of us talking. We did do a great job though and you have a really good radio voice!!

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