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Two Infections?!

I have a strange occurrence to report that ties into some of my thoughts for one big theory–stay with me here! First off, I’ve been seeing weird remnants of food left in the fourth floor of the UC… it looks pretty gross. I documented it in these gruesome pictures so everyone could be aware.

I never know who leaves them, they’re gone when I arrive, but they’re 1) slobs for not putting their dishes away and 2) eating some pretty messed up stuff. It got me thinking that a lot of students at Mary Washington must not be normal. They might be, yes, infected. But the weird thing is, I don’t see too many people turning concerningly transparent or changing in any other visually or auditorily weird ways like Martha is shown to in these posts here and here. Could there be more than one infection going on here?

I went back to scour the evidence and came to some quick conclusions. So I had been trying to break the code of the note found by ThiccHog here but I wasn’t able to get the decoder ring to work quite right for me. Luckily, Caroline Rose Callahan decoded it and shared the results with us on the Slack channel.

That’s when it hit me. There’s a type A mutation and a Type B mutation. That’s confirmed right here! That means that there’s at least two possible mutations to grab a hold of the community. Could there be more? Let’s hope not. But for now there seems to be a Type A that’s more geared towards a zombie-like state and Type B that’s more geared towards otherworldly behavior. Let’s hope we only need one cure.

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  • Lauren… I think you are on to something. I have a theory and this information has helped me to build on my research. Look out for a blog post on my page mentioning your findings.

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