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Week 10: Now on VHS and DVD!

This week was the beginning of our two week exploration. iMovie and I became very well acquainted. I started out by watching 10 Cloverfield Lane and resources about analyzing films, which you can read here. I also completed two video assignments. The first was making a trailer for the dream of a character, which you can watch here. The second was dubbing sound for a silent movie, which you can watch here. That sums it up for this week’s work to share with you all!

I also did two daily creates this week. It felt weird not doing very many and almost too easy with what I created! I may have to add an extra challenge next time with each one I do. The first was making an imaginary instrument and I wish I created something by hand that could really make sound but I couldn’t get the idea of xylobones out of my head.

After a failed attempt at making something for people to color, my second daily create was to color in someone else’s creation. Here is my beautiful island map.

I also completed my self-evaluation numero dos. It’s hard to believe how close we are to the end of The End. And I still have so many questions… speaking of, the weekly question needs to be answered.

What’s something I want to ask the class? Well, I want to know what everyone’s favorite assignment they’ve done so far is. Comment below or hit me up on slack!

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