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Week 11: Video Extravaganza

Hello, folks! We’ve made it through another week. I feel the end of The End is near and that makes me both relieved and sad. So this week was another week of video and I made some amazing content that I’m really proud of. Video has given me a chance to be creative in so many ways and create things that I’d love to watch myself.

First off, I’ll share the daily creates I did for the week. I participated in our class’s tweet mini-story and talked about Kanye being an alien… we started here:

And ended up here, thanks to me:

I also created a playlist to jam out to when experiencing and escaping the apocalypse. I really loved this assignment and knew I had to do it the moment I saw it! Making playlists is a favorite hobby of mine so this was a blast to do. I included songs from movies with famous driving scenes, some classic tunes from similar eras, and just a few of my favorites to listen to that I would want to hear at the end of the world. Take a listen through the link below.

This week I also submitted my own ideas for a daily create and talked about a media assignment (gone wrong) that I submitted last week. You can read about that HERE. Some other cool stuff I did this week was creating a movie mash up commercial for DS106 and participating in an interview about the recent infection. Both were fun to do and I’m really proud of my DS106 ad so check that out if you have time! Something I did have difficulty with during this week is tackling upload times. Sometimes I’d have to wait hours for a video to finish processing on YouTube so I could share it, while another that was started at the same time would finish before it. It’s a waiting game for sure and it’s no fun being at the mercy of the net but it’s part of the process.

I also completed 6 stars worth of video assignments. The first was the Life Hacks assignment for 2 stars, which you can read about and watch HERE. The second was a Notecard Story, which you can read about and watch HERE.

That about sums it up for week 11! On to the question of the week. You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

I would reach out to friends and family and plan out where to meet. Then I’d probably start packing up resources and getting a move on because if the end is coming, it’s going to be nearly impossible to travel anywhere in the chaos. Hopefully I’d make it to the agreed upon family meeting location!

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