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Week 12: A MishMash of Media

Did I survive? Did I make it? Just barely, I think. This week held a lot of challenges for me and it was difficult to get through but here I am, alive. I really feel like I went through The End.

I accomplished three assignments this week related to Sea of Rust: a relationship web, a playlist poem and an animated book cover. You can read about them and hear about my many struggles and few breakthroughs.

What you didn’t get to see in those posts is that I actually began a whole other assignment, a choose your own adventure game in Inform. This was incredibly challenging and I completely underestimated the time it would take to master the program. Coding is a challenge for me because my brain doesn’t usually work in the ways necessary to create code and problem solve the issues in the language. But I really wanted to create a game and had ideas for it. Unfortunately, part of The End is knowing when to cut your losses and move on. I had to let go of the frustration and try other assignments, but I know I’ll come back to Inform, if only to make something for fun in my free time.

I also created–er, I mean FOUND some telling evidence pertaining to the things we’ve found throughout the semester. It was fun trying to come up with something that blended into everyone else’s work and I actually had a real epiphany that lead to the evidence I created. I look forward to all this evidence coming to a head. I’m hoping for some drama!

Finally, the question of the week. If I look to the right, my weapon for the end is… a pillow. Well. It could be worse. I would use it to smother unsuspecting “allies” in their sleep. Trust nobody and take whatever opportunities you can take!

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