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Week 13/14: The Ultimate End

This is sadly what I think is my last post for DS 106. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve enjoyed engaging with everyone on Slack, commenting, working together and sharing my own work. This is even more emotional because of my impending graduation and I know I’ll miss working with a variety of different students and doing work besides education focused work. So for the final time, I’ll share my daily creates and a summary of my week.

So I actually ended up doing 8 daily creates, 2 of which I shared here. The 3rd one I did was sharing a gif describing what DS 106 was like for me. I did a lot of scouring the net for just the right gif. Something involving computers but in a positive way! Harder to find than you’d think.

The next daily create I completed was coloring my favorite animal my favorite color. I chose a favorite personal animal instead of a favorite species of animals. I’m scared of dogs but my roommates dog, Murdoc is the sweetest thing. He deserved to be a sweet color too. I changed the saturation and hue using good ol’ Photoshop after using the selection tool.

Next up was a gif challenge: making a gif of a part of our favorite movie. I thought The Shape of Water would make a beautiful gif. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how to make gifs. Thankfully the internet had my back and I relearned my Photoshop skills to make a nice and smooth give of the fish man/lady smooch.

After that, I completed this anecdotal challenge asking us about our earliest memory. I actually remember one from pretty early and found an image to match!

The next daily create I posted was a lot of fun to make. I created a hybrid animal of a goldfish and a goldfinch. I though it would be funny to have a combination animal that sounded completely normal.

And finally, for my 8/7 (oops, bonus!), I made a portrait of my mom. A fitting end to The End and my school year.

Now that we’ve gotten through the daily work, I’ll talk about my final project and my time here in DS 106. The final was difficult for me at first. I was so worried about doing it “right” and having the story and answers I created be “correct” that I forgot this class was all about creation, creativity and honestly, fun. Once I stopped worrying about having my theory and story be seamless and perfectly sewn together, I started to enjoy myself. The best part of this class has been seeing what other people create and I’ve found that if there’s heart in someone’s work, it’s enjoyable even if it’s not perfect. That’s something I learned here and I will bring throughout life outside of this class.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who viewed my work, commented on it and interacted me during this whole semester. I’d love to stay in touch with any of you, whether you’re graduating and moving on or sticking around! I’ll be here for one more year so maybe we can keep making creative multimedia adventures. Until then, I’m blasting off!

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