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Week 2 Roundup: Tech Epiphanies and Struggles, YeeHaw

Man, I love lengthy titles with colons. Anyways. Week 2 was more intense than week 1, which I for some reason did not expect. Despite strictly planning out when I was going to do what so I wouldn’t be stressed out, I did not end up following my schedule and I paid for it with a lot more stress. Planning for this class is integral to success I believe, so I’ll continue to plan out weeks and hopefully stick to it in the future.

My goal from last week was to start creating more tech-savvy graphics and content and I did thankfully begin to accomplish that. I downloaded a free trial of PhotoShop and got to work figuring it out and just playing around with it. One of our assignments was to work on the appearance of our blog so that perfectly meshed with the work I was doing with PhotoShop outside of the class. I made myself a little banner and although it didn’t go as I intended (the grid I wanted to add made a very funky pattern), I ended up liking the mistake. Now my first real Photoshop creation is framed front and center on my blog.

I continued to struggle with my blog and Domain of One’s Own and went back to the Digital Knowledge Center but it turned out to be a very strange and easy to fix problem. Let’s pray that this is the last weird technical difficulty I will have to face. I also struggled with the Daily Creates. We were assigned a free choice which I thought would be excited but I found myself not wanting to do most of them because they were out of my element or ‘difficult’. While I get that it’s important to be comfortable and enjoy the creation process, I also feel that I need to realize that part of being creative is forcing yourself to, well, be creative. If an assignment is easy and something you’d choose to do whenever, then it won’t exactly give you a chance to problem solve or create. I will try to feel less pressured about Daily Creates but also just get it done, seeing as it’s Monday night and I still need to crank one out!

Finally, I will address the question of the week. If there was a zombie apocalypse, I would definitely be weak-willed and weak-hearted and want to be a zombie rather than have my family be zombies. I think I’d be rather manageable as a flesh-eating monster and they could possibly even tame me into a brainless pet or friend, like in Shaun of the Dead. I also just couldn’t handle having to kill any of my family and that would probably be necessary if there were 3 zombies to handle instead of just one.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge of apocalyptic media and beginning to spin a long, very inclusive yarn with the class. This week had us planting the seed for our narratives with a look at character and types of story and I know that before we know it, we’ll be knee deep in our very own apocalyptic fiction.

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