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Week 3: Total Burnout, Dude

Another week, another 5 billion words coming out of my wee little brain. Last week I decided I needed to be more organized and follow a schedule. Did I follow through? No. Will I still try again next week? Yes. When I compound all my work into a few days, especially with a writing heavy week such as this one, I get into a complete burn out zone. Some days I’d write multiple assignments in a row and my creativity would feel like it was leaking out of my head. But I pushed on and like a true apocalypse-er I survived!

Some of my favorite creations this week were the weird compliment daily create I did and the free choice writing assignment I did, “Dear Future Husband”. The first was a challenge because we were supposed to use a random ‘odd compliment’ generator and I got possibly the strangest sentence I had heard in my life. With my one remaining day of my Photoshop free trial, I created the ugliest and creepiest Valentine of all. Definitely going to woo some people with the hot pick up line, “ringworm sleeps comfortably around your umbilicus.” The “Dear Future Husband” prompt was exactly what it sounds like but I decided to fill my apocalypse genre quota by making it a letter from a zombie lady to her future meal, er, husband. It was fun twisting it around and imagining the struggles of a human-zombie couple.

I had a good time engaging with the rest of the class more this week as well. I checked out more peoples’ blogs, replied to some people on Slack and read some awesome work. One of my favorite’s was Samara Wong’s, Psycho the Superhero writing assignment. I’m fascinated with mystical powers, psychic connections and astrology so a superhero with psychic powers was right up my alley. It got me thinking about how someone with those powers would experience the apocalypse. There would probably be a lot of suffering there but lots of opportunities to help out if they chose to! I also liked reading Elizabeth Finto’s Apocalypse Alphabet . She adapted the assignment to make every sentence start with a letter of the alphabet but I really loved how it turned out as a cohesive story. It would make an interesting mock-children’s book that way, with cutesy illustrations of the world ending.

To end this blog post and my week of work, I have the weekly question. Would I hoard supplies in an apocalypse or share them with those around me? I think I would be a hoarder. My family lives out in the country where homes are hundreds of feet away from each other and surrounded by grassy fields and woods. I think that’s where we would set up base to live and die with each other in the case of an apocalypse. In that case, I’m not sure we would ever run into anyone needing our supplies. We would be able to forage and hoard what little we had and avoid any leeching people. But if we did run into somebody, it would depend on how badly they needed it. I count myself as a kind person but family comes first. I would not want to share what was meant for my family unless it was a life or death situation. Even in that case, I’d have to see how little we had. To survive, you have to make cutthroat decisions like that!

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