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Week 4: Seeing Through the Eyes of the Apocalypse

Our focus for this week was on the visual elements of storytelling, especially photography and film. I had tons of fun exploring this side of narrative development and this has probably been my favorite week so far. Between the daily creates, photoblitz, visual assignments and movies, I had something new to create or consume every day that I liked.

First off, I made what is probably the most disturbing flavor of Hot Pocket one can imagine. After looking at what others had created, the thought of the worst possible filling for food came to my mind. I hopped into Photoshop and used a lot of magic eraser and the copy stamp tool to insert a nice set of teeth into the herb encrusted Hot Pocket bun. The nightmarish words are all original from my mind. You’re welcome!

My second daily create for the week was probably the most therapeutic one I’ve done so far and a sharp contrast to the one before. I went to the Euroepana Coloring Book and chose a European heritage arti piece to color in with my lovely artistic talents. I chose Lili reading and handcolored it with colored pencils but looking back, I wish I had taken a more DS106 approach by using a more creative way to do it.

This week also found me completing some super cool visual assignments. You can read about them here and here. They’re two of my favorite creations I’ve made so far! As far as my blog goes, I was all set with my plugins thanks to my visit to the DKC when I first created my blog. Akismet has saved me from many spam comments already and Jetpack now sends my posts directly to twitter to let everyone know what annoying title I have chosen for my blogs every time.

Some of my favorite 106er work this week was from Katie Harcraft and Taylor Ostrom. Katie did great work with photography this week and I especially loved her Bonehead image and her Undead Doppelganger image. Taylor posted a sweet post about her favorite photo, which is of her daughter when she was just born. I’m a sucker for babies.

I’ll finish this post up with the question of the week, as per usual. Do I think GIFs can be considered a story? Absolutely. And the reason why is because of this one GIF that made the rounds back in the early 2000’s. It’s a simple GIF starring stick figures but the sheer length and dare I say, plot, of this GIF is legendary. It may even be too powerful to insert into my post but I’ll try. But I will say even though this GIF has the size and length to be able to include a whole narrative, I think even shorter and less detailed GIFs can accomplish it. All you need is a linear progression of easily decipherable images and you can craft a story. It may not have the emotional depth of a feature length film but you can communicate a lot through a series of images. Check out the GIF below and tune in next week for more creation!



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