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Week 5: Barely Alive

As you can probably tell by the time stamp from this post, this week has been one of the harder ones for me. Time management went flying right out the window and everything got shoved into a few quick days of work. Would not recommend. Still, I got to explore the world of audio and create some pretty cool things. I started off the week with listening to the DS 106 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. I’ve never listened to it in its entirety so it was great to get a real experience of what it would be like to hear it for the first time on the radio. I loved interacting with everyone during the broadcast and seeing what everyone would tweet next! Below are some random highlights from my reactions to the story.

On the audio creation front, I did a few activities recording my voice and editing it to fit different prompts. From sending out a distress call to sending a message to a lost civilization, I got a chance to write creatively and then voice my creative words. I also completed the Frequency 2156 assignment but my favorite part of that was actually listening to everyone else’s posts. We completed self evaluations as well and although this week wasn’t my brightest moment, I feel good about my work as a whole and I’m excited to charge ahead into the next weeks!

As for the question of the week… how am I feeling? I feel the weight of sleep tugging at my eyelids. My face feels a little like an oil slick, like there’s a film on it between my skin and the air around me. That sounds incredibly gross, sorry. I feel a little ball of tension in my belly but not from this class, just everything swirling all together. The sleepiness in me is telling me that while I sleep, stress will be wiped away like the tears off a crying child’s face. I look forward to a deep snooze. See you all next week!


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