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Week 6: Playing Catch Up

By now, my desktop has become littered with saved images, PhotoShop files, drafts, transparents, half-edited messes and more. Spring break is calling my name and my computer would like a clean out, please. But I had an enjoyable week of doing one of my favorite things for this class: making visual creations!

I started off by playing around with the Hero Creator program and then moved into my highly critical experience of the two TEDtalks we assigned. After that, it’s all a blur. Just kidding–mostly. I really need to get organized and I’ve said this for two weeks now but it’s gotten to the point where it gets in the way of the work I want to do. I’m hoping this week and spring break will help revitalize me and set me on the right path. This work just isn’t fun or done in the way I want it to be if it’s mashed into two days. It’s time to schedule assignments and get back on that grind.

I completed two choice design assignments this week: a wordcloud and a contradictory propaganda poster assignment for my 6 stars. And my daily creates are always visible on my twitter here!

Where’s my bed… how do I turn off my computer?

Two exciting things about this week: we created our survival groups! I’m very happy to have a crew of people to work with. They all seem nice, creative and have different personalities that I will be interested to see working together. The second thing is that a to-do list was added to the end of the weekly post. This is going to revolutionize my experience in this class. Funnily enough, the first week with this function and it was the first week I forgot about a daily create! Luckily I could jam it in at the last second and not forget it entirely.

And how could I forget the question of the week? What’s the most successful group I’ve been a part of and what made it work? That’s a tricky question. But I think one of the best I’ve been in was my group for the Film Studies project I had last semester. We all came from different backgrounds and had different strengths. Some had had the professor before, knew him more or had the fresh perspective of someone who hadn’t ever had him. Although we all had busy schedules, we made our time work and all had similar expectations of what we wanted. In the end, I was satisfied with our project and we got a good response. Group work is about looking at the differences in the people within the group and using their pros while helping (rather than complaining about or blaming) their flaws.

Next week I’m ready for you!


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