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Week 8: Recording, Bots and Daily Creates

It’s week 8 and yet it doesn’t feel like it at all! It’s almost weird not having a weekly post to look at, the normal influx of comments and the usual flow of work. And yet, I can’t complain because it was because of spring break and that wasn’t a bad time at all. So! I already went into what I did this week with our radio show but that definitely was a bulk of what the work was this past few weeks. But what I’ll share here is the daily creates I did over this span of time.

The first I completed was the Endtimes Goodbye Message. That wasn’t at all what it was actually called but it sums up what the assignment was. I wrote a card to my brother as if it was my last dying moments and I wanted to impart him with some final thoughts. I used an actual card and because the text said ‘thanks’, I decided to make it a grateful note with lots of mushy emotions. This was a cool assignment and honestly sort of sad, because I can imagine sending messages like this to my family in my last moments.

The next daily create I did was the Mangify assignment where we were to use an online generator not unlike the Hero Creator to make ourselves into a manga/cartoon character. It said you could also draw by hand and I wish so much that I had artistic talent because the result from the generator was mildly terrifying. I tried to mash features together to look like me, and I did manage to get a beret to make it seem like something I’d wear. However, this interface was nowhere near as easy to use as the hero one so I had a hard time getting it to do exactly what I wanted.

The third one I did was showing street furniture near me. I had a lot of fun with this one because I decided to create something rather than just go outside and take a picture of furniture. I got fixated on the idea of a bench just suspended in space so I ran with it. My tactic with Photoshop is to find transparent images and if not, make images transparent so I can affix them onto each other. I’m happy with my result and I would gladly

The final daily create I did was a recording of a story excerpt for International Read to Me Day. I chose a short story from The Blue Fairy Book because fantasy and especially fairies have been near and dear to my heart since childhood. The story I read from was “Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess”, which was actually a really fascinating read and reminded me of ancient myths and legends with the way the plot played out. If it had been more than a daily create, I think it would be really cool to record the full story along with different voices and audio sound effects to make the story come to life.

This week I also finished the apocalyptic novel I chose to read: Sea of Rust. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to make a full fledged blog post about it, so I’ll just put a few of my reflections on it here but you may see another post about it in the future! There’s two things I really loved about this book. First of all, I really liked the format that the story structure took. There would be “action” chapters where the main character would go through things and experience events and she would often mention characters or pieces of history. The following chapter would then delve into that bit of history or flashback to the event or character she mentioned. This helped me get immersed in the deep lore and history involved with the history of HumPop (the human population) and the robots. I also liked how the narrative used Brittle’s failing internal components as a literary device so you could literally feel her mind falling apart. Brittle was another highlight in the novel in general. Although robots are inherently genderless, after the revolution and the loss of the HumPop, they were able to use their newfound freedom and choose their own genders if they wish. So the main character, although a robot, was a strong, tough and lovable female character. Those are just a few of my thoughts on the novel but in the future I’d love to go into a full on review.

Finally, I’ll answer the question of the week: if I were to become something in the apocalypse, what would I be?

If you know me and have read some of my work, the answer should be obvious. I would hands down want to be the cyborg who looks like a human. Artificial intelligence and robots are fascinating to me and it would be so cool to be an automated and upgraded human being. The best part would be that I would look human so I could pass as someone unassuming and helpless but survive with my superior android skills.

See you next week as we start video!

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  • You are right the week has felt so short and it was so weird that we did not have lot of assignments. I sometimes felt that I was missing something because of how little we had, but I got over it and just enjoyed the time off of school.

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