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Week 9: A Week in Review

Hello, my fellow survivors. This week was a bucket of fun and I really mean it this time. I was satisfied with the time I had to do everything, pleased with the results, and I’m actually doing a summary post before Monday night. Amazing!

This week had me listening to our radio shows, which was cool to hear. You can read more about my opinions about my show and the one I listened to HERE. I also remixed an assignment to make it a lot less ugly, which you can read about HERE. Lots of linkage.

I also completed 3 daily creates. The first was one created by a fellow survivor, Jenn. The prompt asked us to create a to-do list for some sort of apocalyptic character. I chose the main character from the novel I read, Sea of Rust. Below is Brittle’s to-do list before the events of the book, when she was nothing more than a daily scavenger for bot parts.

The next daily create I completed asked whether dogs or cats rule the internet. I went a step further and decided cats rule more than the internet, they rule the world. I’m biased because I have a cat stepson so I also included him in the final product. He just needed photoshopped glasses and his trusty clipboard to prove that cats are rulers of all.

The final daily create had me flexing my mostly nonexistent drawing skills. We were supposed to create a still-life drawing and I thought it would be funny to include my Furby. It became an artistic view of everything orange in my apartment. I used pencil and colored pencils to color it and I’m actually pleased with the results.

Finally, to finish this week up… it’s the question of the week! What’s one thing you couldn’t live without in the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it? I’m not sure how literally to take ‘live without’ because if it’s survival, then I need water and that could be hard to obtain… but on a less literal note, I think I would be seriously hurting for sanitary/beauty items. Shampoo, soap, the finer things of life… those are things that help keep your morale and sanity up, as well as keep you healthy. I would try to find some sort of drug store remnants or in the worse case scenario, I’d try to learn how to make it out in the wild. What do you do without some sort of lye? These are necessary things to know when the world ends! Well, that’s it for this week. Catch you next time! I’ll also be continuing to comment more up until tomorrow night for our comment fest.

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