Lauren Sargent

video assignments

S.I.I.L Broadcast: End of The End Prt. 2

If you not have seen the first half of this breakdown of the End and the E.N.D., refer to this post. It’s important for your safety and wellbeing to be aware of the infection and its possible causes and symptoms. Once you have, continue on. […]

Notecard Story: Grab Your Tissues

For my second video assignment, I did the This Is My Story assignment for 4 stars. This assignment asks you to create a video in the spirit of those viral notecard stories that were popular a while ago. I loved this prompt for it’s nostalgia […]

Life Hacks 4 Life

This assignment let me achieve my dream of being a beauty guru YouTuber. I thought of a life hack that I use in my life and looked up another to try and recorded them in my well-lit bathroom. Then I zoomed to iMovie to import […]

Breaking CDE Interview!

This week we had to complete an interview with a doctor formerly with a team investigating what’s going on in these parts with the infection. Even though I was the one answering questions, I feel like I came out of it with a lot more […]

28 DS106-es Later

I did the impossible. I made 28 Days Later look like a happy, totally normal movie. At the same time, I also created a sick ad for DS106. I’m insanely proud of what I did with this assignment so I hope you guys check it […]

Foley á Deux

I love puns. Anyways, the second video assignment I did this week was Charlie Chaplin’s Foley Artist, worth 4 1/2 stars. The assignment was to add sound effects for an originally silent Charlie Chaplin short. I chose one called Recreation, which was one of the […]

Analyzing With Ebert: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Hey, folks! This week I learned a lot about looking deeper into the visual aspects of films. I took a film studies class last semester and loved it so I was ready to roll with it. First off, I watched a video that drew me […]

I Dreamed A Dream…

For my first video assignment, I completed the Your Dream as a Movie Trailer assignment for 4 stars. Instead of doing my own dream, however, I decided to use one of the narratives from our radio show: Winston’s journey to stardom. Winston is an aspiring […]