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Addison Cruz in her natural element: passing by peoples’ eyes while she documents their every moves. She likes to be on the streets, in the action and capturing moments in society, big or small. An amateur journalist, she considers herself a ‘documentarian’ in her own phrasing and likes to snap protests, moments of injustice and whatever she can catch on her block. A mother through and through, she often does all this with her baby strapped to her chest.

I loved making this graphic so much! When I was younger and even now, I liked to play with dress up games online and create outfits and characters. The Hero Machine was a lot like that except stepped up so you could customize legs, arms, hands, faces, everything. It was the fantasy of my young little creative heart. I experimented a lot in the beginning and used the standard body before I decided to fool around and use the different torso/leg/arm/hand combinations. That definitely made it more of a challenge because most of the clothing didn’t fit the body parts I put together. I had to use a lot of the transform functions and move the clothing and body parts around until they fit together in a semi-cohesive structure. Also, although there were companions, I guess a baby doesn’t count as one so I had to include a teddy bear to signify her motherhood instead. I’ll definitely bookmark this site to use in the future for writing and more.

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