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The final assignment I did for my novel was the Apocalyptic Book Cover: Gif Edition, for 5 stars. I had an incredibly hard time with this assignment and I’m still not completely satisfied with how it looks but sometimes you don’t get the perfect result. For the cover, I wanted to again show the literal “Sea of Rust” and the key concept of a large force pursuing individual bots. I wanted to have at least one robot moving across the sands of the Sea and something to portray CISSUS. You can view my animated book cover for Sea of Rust below.

An attempt was made.

When I first embarked on this assignment, I thought it would be a challenge to put together creatively but a simple technical process, like the gif we made for the apocalyptic movie we watched. However, I soon realized that without video source material, making a gif is a little more complicated. I knew I wanted to mash together a desert background and moving robots to create a scene that sums up a lot of the book. But I didn’t know exactly how to accomplish this. At first, I tried Photoshop. This was where I made my gif before. But whenever I tried to use a gif resource, it wouldn’t let me import it or I would get a frame done and it would copy the same frame for all the frames. I tried iMovie as well, after seeing Taylor’s post about using Final Cut Pro but I couldn’t quit apply the instructions she got to iMovie.

Finally, I turned to after realizing that you could put text, a gif, a background and an overlay together on their website. That was the bare minimum of things I needed to create the concept I was going for. I uploaded the images I got from Sporistics and Gifycat and got to work. It was still difficult for me to use this method, as everything seemed to be different sizes and I couldn’t get the text to appear in just one place. After a lot of fiddling and frustration, I created the gif above.

The most difficult part was trying to get the robot movement to smooth out and not jump. But with ezgif, I had to leave one frame “blank” for the desert picture to act as a background. It appears I have a lot left to learn about creating gifs and this was definitely a learning experience! I think the DKC will be getting a visit from me soon so I can learn how to make the smooth, complex gifs of my dreams.

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