Lauren Sargent

Contradiction Creation

For this design assignment, Contradiction Creation (2 1/2 stars), I wanted to take an apocalyptic and creepy Big Brother state approach. I wanted these contradictory text and image pairings to seem almost like propaganda while also showing the “truth” of the situation. I simply used stock images and PS to add the text, coming up with the words myself.

For the first one, I thought it would be hilarious to have a message about kindness while showing people fighting. Add kids who wouldn’t understand the irony and you have comedy (and propaganda) gold.

The second one I kept up with the same creepy overseen society theme by finding a picture of a man on the ground to show the “kind” way the Big Brother state deals with those who don’t follow the rules.

A big concern for this task was sizing. Because they’re propaganda like images, I had hoped to be able to make them similar sizes. However, the second picture was much smaller and ended up looking odd next to the first one. If I had been able to find an image that worked better, I would have gone for it! In the future I think I would put the images on backgrounds so they’re the same template but the pictures can be smaller or larger.

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