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Less is More: New Cover for Sea of Rust

This week we were supposed to create a new cover for the books we’re reading and I did just that. I’m really drawn to the minimalistic redos of classic books and I wanted to try to attempt that for my new cover for Sea of Rust. I’m honestly pretty proud of how it came out! Now I’ll get into the trials and tribulations that led me there…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll now about my babysteps into PhotoShop. I decided to see if there was a template for a book cover available in the program so I could have a size and shape to work with. Instead, I found a simple poster template and decided to roll with it. The original colors of the template reminded me of the ocean and my book involves a “sea” of rust, if you will, in the form of dead and decaying robot bodies. I decided I wanted to incorporate this ocean motif with both the colors and the circular image by drawing a tide. Looking at it now, my ocean is a little bit too green but I hope it gets the idea across. I also wanted to include rusty gears for the very obvious “rust” but to also point to the parts that the main protagonist harvests from other robots. I also included the main antagonist symbolically with a mass of gears at the top. The “hive mind” that is taking over the world in Sea of Rust is known from the very first look at the book with my new cover.

The hardest parts in creating this cover were working with the different layers of the template and inserting the transparent gears. Sometimes I have a problem where images added to my PS files will look like static or a corrupted image. I don’t know why it happens but this time I took a chance on restarting and it thankfully worked out. It was also like a puzzle for me to figure out which layer to work on to be able to get the visuals I wanted. It’s a lot of trial and error really, which is a learning process for this class. I also made sure my text was aligned, as we learned in our design elements briefing, and paid specific mind to the element of space, since I was doing a minimal concept.

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