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Mother May I: Apocalypse Character

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.” -N.K. Jemisin

Meet Addison Cruz. You can learn a lot about her just by taking a look at her ideal office space. At first glance, she’s simply a single, new mother with a penchant for photography. Investigate a little deeper and you’ll find a life of loss, struggle and strength in the face of difficulty. What was once a happy home of husband and wife was shattered with the loss of her husband to mysterious causes. Left to give birth to their child alone, Addison had to rise to the challenge and learn to provide for herself. This was no easy feat for a girl who was raised in an upper-middle class lifestyle. You could call her spoiled, entitled, whatever but the facts of the matter are that she’s not used to life outside of the cushy walls of her home and community. Even so, when it comes to her child and other vulnerable people around her, Addison is a spitfire. The instincts of a mother are sharp and when it comes to the weak and helpless, they are both her reason for living and her reason for killing. Addison is a photographer by profession and likes to document the world around her, whether it is good or bad. Besides pictures of her baby, she actually likes to capture the gritty underbelly of the world and considered being a photojournalist for a while before the death of her husband. She also enjoys playing around in the kitchen and though she’s no gourmet chef, she has knowledge about good and healthy food.

Due to her background, here are a few of her stats that will both help her and hurt her during The End:

-Spoiled from an upper class upbringing: not used to roughing it and doesn’t have the greatest survival skills

-Great strength and bravery in dire situations in the defense of others, especially children

-Her need to defend the seemingly weak is also a drawback, as she’ll do anything to protect her child even if it may not benefit the group

-Documentarian: She always has her camera with her and snaps pictures for remembering moments, places and faces

-Amateur gourmet: She

-Rudimentary gun skills: Following the mysterious death of her husband, she has taken it upon herself to defend her home and has some proficiency with handling a gun

-Calming presence: Addison has a nurturing side to her from her child softening her heart and can provide comfort and calm to those in trying situations, setting her own fear aside for the greater good

Behind the Creation:

It took me a while to get to the character that is now Addison. When first looking at the list of archetypes, I wasn’t happy with what my options were and couldn’t get a clear picture of a character I could develop. Since I’d taken in some more apocalyptic films and stories, I knew more about the archetypes within them so I added a mother archetype and natural survivor archetype. The mother one called out to me most and I thought it would be interesting to give her the “prop” of a child who could be both a weakness for her and her greatest strength. I love characters with flaws so much! Give me all the flawed characters! I added some flaws that would make her time in the apocalypse interesting, like not being used to roughing it or hard work, and some mysterious backstory that I want to ultimately tie into the apocalypse, however it should befall us all. To create my graphic, I used Polyvore and chose little symbols and details to represent each facet of her character. There’s a baby bassinet so she can keep a close eye on her little one, a mini kitchen, a frame with a picture of her and her husband, a gun, a camera, and it’s all nicely furnished, just like her upbringing demands. I look forward to grouping up with people and interacting with other survivors!

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    • That would be an interesting twist! I wanted it to be that he died because of the beginning of apocalyptic events (whatever our apocalypse will come to be) but we weren’t supposed to include events of The End so I kept it mysterious for now 🙂

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