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Word Cloud Remiiiix!

A while ago I completed the 4-star design assignment called Character World Cloud. In my original blog post, I described how the word cloud generator the assignment linked to gave me a hard time. I said it fought me and I lost. So for our remix assignment, I challenged it to a rematch! To be honest, I had a lot of problems with this assignment. I found my final product unattractive, confusing, and it didn’t portray my character the way I wanted it to.

To start my re-do, I decided to first look for different word cloud generators. A big struggle I had with the first one was that I couldn’t move the words around or change the arrangement and colors of the visual in the ways that I wanted to. I tested out a few generators by pasting my words in until I settled on one that had the options that were the best for me. I fooled around with the fonts, colors and “priority” of words until I got a good arrangement. Even when I found the best visual option, however, there was no way to individually change words colors. An important word, my character’s daughter’s name, blended in next to other words and didn’t seem to stand out. That’s when I had a brain blast that I should have had in the first place: use my new best friend, Photoshop!

I imported my mostly finished word cloud into PS and selected the daughter’s name to move it next to different colored text. I had to fill in the gap it left behind but thankfully it didn’t look like a complete whole. Below is the before and after–from blah and confusion to feminine wow colors and cohesion!


2 thoughts on “Word Cloud Remiiiix!”

  • I also used the world cloud generator that was linked to the assignment, and it gave me a few problems too! I really like how your final final product turned out. It is very easy to read and I really like the color scheme! Nice job, Lauren!!

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