Lauren Sargent

Word Twister

I’ll be honest. I fought a battle with WordCloud and WordCloud won. Although it’s meant to be a highly customizable and personalized wordcloud generator, I had a difficult time figuring out how to make it anything like the one in the example. I depended on pure randomization to make it into the arrangement I wanted (mostly) so it was probably more time consuming than it should have been. Still, I think it’s a nice amalgamation of all the things that make Addison, well, Addison. I included the same traits I shared about her and a few new ones, as well as the stunning debut of the gender and name of her child: Espie. Bonus points if you can guess what her full name is and why I chose it!

What I really loved about the design was having inner-strength literally on the inner level of the words. I also liked how amateur chef fit together because it was originally supposed to be one phrase but can easily go into two. She is an amateur at surviving, as well as cooking. It took a lot of toying with the colors and fonts to make the graphic not hideous as well. All in all, I think I achieved a nice visual representation of who she is. What would your own wordcloud for yourself look like?

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