Lauren Sargent

Tag: AudioAssignments

E.T. Phone Home

In this audio assignment worth a whopping 5 stars, I created a phone call from the perspective of a character in Philip K. Dick’s short story,┬áThe Defenders. This assignment was the perfect one for doing what we were assigned to this week: weave in something […]

Rise and Shine Audio Adventure

We all have our particular sounds of the morning, afternoon, and night. The bang of a door or squeaky board in the floor may be familiar to us but jarring to others. In this audio assignment, I explored that blurry line of familiarity and alienness […]

S.O.S.: Save Our Sounds

Frequency 2156 is an awesome sight that collects different audio posts from all over the world and compiles them into one gigantic audio narrative. The idea is that the apocalypse has come and people worldwide are attempting to reach out and communicate with someone, anyone. […]