Lauren Sargent

Breaking CDE Interview!

This week we had to complete an interview with a doctor formerly with a team investigating what’s going on in these parts with the infection. Even though I was the one answering questions, I feel like I came out of it with a lot more questions for her! Still, I do feel like I have more of an idea of what’s going on with the oncoming apocalypse. I’m glad we’re not alone. You can watch my interview below and get some insight on what people are experiencing.

Anyways, I had a fun time completing this assignment. I watched through the original video a few times and decided which questions I wanted to answer. I also looked out for parts in the video I could use as extra responses for realism and for reactions from Nessie. Then I recorded my parts with the video in front of me to make sure I answered appropriately. My realism was a little shaken by my cat joining me and then refusing to leave but I think cats can add to any video. After recording my parts (or re-recording, for many of them), I entered iMovie and started cutting and pasting it together. When I’m editing anything, I use the split tool mostly and then delete the pieces I don’t want.

The most fun part about this video is that I got to mix real life experiences with fiction. A lot of what I say in the video is true and experiences I’ve had in the past few weeks. Some stories and answers are exaggerated or made up, however. Try to guess what’s real and what’s made up!

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