Lauren Sargent

Foley á Deux

I love puns. Anyways, the second video assignment I did this week was Charlie Chaplin’s Foley Artist, worth 4 1/2 stars. The assignment was to add sound effects for an originally silent Charlie Chaplin short. I chose one called Recreation, which was one of the few able to be accessed at this time.

I really enjoyed being able to live out my dreams of being a foley artist. When I was younger, my family and I would spend hour upon hour with this special feature disc from a Shrek DVD which allowed you to dub lines and sound effects over scenes… it was hilariously strange and a special feature I wish was in more DVDs. Doing this assignment reminded me a lot of those days of adding silly sounds to beloved film scenes.

The sounds I added were done completely by me and things around me such as a water bottle, a phone, clapping and fingers on a computer. It honestly makes me laugh so much listening back to the 2 minutes I recorded because it sounds so silly but it’s a comedy so that’s not a bad thing! The more ridiculous the sound effect the better. Watch it down below and enjoy the foley stylings of yours truly.

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