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I Dreamed A Dream…

For my first video assignment, I completed the Your Dream as a Movie Trailer assignment for 4 stars. Instead of doing my own dream, however, I decided to use one of the narratives from our radio show: Winston’s journey to stardom. Winston is an aspiring actress and singer but she got one of her first big breaks due to the mysterious infection that took over and killed the previous singer on a cruise ship. I thought it would be interesting to show a trailer that started out as an innocent dream and turned into a dramatic thriller with the onset of the apocalypse.

My biggest challenge here is that I tasked myself with using only royalty free stock video so it would look “professional”. The only problem with that is that royalty free video is very limited so it’s difficult to find exactly what you want. One thing that I couldn’t find is a clip of people running, which would add to the intensity and drama of the video. I tried to compensate with equally dramatic shots but it definitely could use more specific clips! Looking back, I would have tried to get one of my friends to be available to film shots of me that fit what I was looking for. Still, I’m proud of what I accomplished! If you want to do something similar, I used these sites: Pexels Videos, XStock Video and Videezy. They allow you to download stock video as long as it’s for nonprofit use, although in some cases you just have to credit the site you got it from (which I’m doing now, for Videezy). Another cool thing I was able to do was put in a green screen effect for the news cast. I had to edit the clip beforehand and used an image I created in PS. It took a long time to get it to fit within the screen but I finally managed it! Let me know what you think of the trailer below. Would you watch Infectious Aspirations?

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