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Life Hacks 4 Life

This assignment let me achieve my dream of being a beauty guru YouTuber. I thought of a life hack that I use in my life and looked up another to try and recorded them in my well-lit bathroom. Then I zoomed to iMovie to import the footage and edit it together. I made a purposeful choice to use overdone and cheesy effects and transitions to mirror a lot of the beauty videos I’ve seen. I also added background music to add to the old school YouTube theme I was going for and to make the video feel less empty. It may not be anything groundbreaking but I hope somebody learns something from my video!

There’s a few things I learned throughout the experience of making this video. The first is that audio can be difficult when you’re recording without a real camera. In earlier videos, I used Apple headphones with a built in mic but then I couldn’t be far from my computer and I was visibly using headphones. I tried something new for this video, which was propping the headphones up nearby and aiming them towards me. This worked surprisingly great and I could record without being attached to my computer. Trying new things and adapting pays off!

Secondly, I learned the true beauty of cutting while editing. Before, I used it just to piece things together. In this assignment, however, it saved me when I made a mistake and suddenly forgot how to speak. Using a jump cut, I was able to transition from one clip to another without having to re-record a majority of my video. This is a helpful skill and made my video more professional since nobody had to sit through what was roughly 20 seconds of me trying to think of a word.

Let me know if you use any of the hacks I recorded!

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  • Now I don’t really use any product other than toothpaste but I will definitely use these life hacks to help my wife if she ever needs my help to get the last of her product out. Good job on the video!!

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