Lauren Sargent

Notecard Story: Grab Your Tissues

For my second video assignment, I did the This Is My Story assignment for 4 stars. This assignment asks you to create a video in the spirit of those viral notecard stories that were popular a while ago. I loved this prompt for it’s nostalgia and fondly remembered all the melodramatic videos that were created and posted back in the day. I thought this would be a great medium to tell a story that hasn’t been fully fleshed out or explained: the backstory of the husband of my DS106 character, Addison, and how he died. We briefly went into it in our radio show but I thought it would be good to get into further in with this medium that is meant for emotional stories.

I drafted cards for the story and filmed it in one take, like the format requires. I then searched for royalty free music to put some sad music in the background because these videos are usually silent. After that, it was a simple edit to make the final product. I thought that I would have to reverse the footage because it looked backward while recording but luckily, I didn’t and it was already facing the right way so the cards were readable. Looking back, I wish I had added more to the video, like adding video montages to serve as memories or home video footage that Addison added to her notecard story. Still, I really like the narrative I came up with and I’m excited to share it. This offers a lot more insight into who Addison is and I hope I can tie her story together with more classmate’s characters’ before the semester is through!

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