Lauren Sargent

S.I.I.L Broadcast: End of The End Prt. 2

If you not have seen the first half of this breakdown of the End and the E.N.D., refer to this post. It’s important for your safety and wellbeing to be aware of the infection and its possible causes and symptoms. Once you have, continue on.

Annalise Zerweier of the Suspicious Infection Investigation League came through with the further information she promised us. I’m glad to see that she’s alright, although she’s had to bunker down in a dimly lit remote location. She brings insights to us on who people are, where the infection may have come from, and the odd behaviors from Nessie/Martha.

This was definitely the main part of my project. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my story to be and I wanted to make sure to tie in evidence as if it was literally a video essay. I tried to make an ‘assertion–media evidence’ pattern throughout the video. I had a lot of fun becoming Annalise Zerweier and even made use of a wig (something we’ve seen in The End already!). I had a really bare bones filming set up that I hoped would give off a remote bunker feeling, which I think I successfully did.

DS 106 is about being resourceful.

I did a fair amount of editing in iMovie including inserting documents I wanted to reference and placing video evidence in. I decided to add static footage throughout to help transition between different takes I filmed and also add to the apocalyptic far away bunker feeling. In the end, I’m happy with what I created! All that’s left is to complete the final story that will straighten out the details mentioned in the video in a hopefully more understandable way.

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