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A Story in Songs

The second media assignment I did for my novel was the Poetry Playlist assignment for 3 stars. I’m a sucker for all assignments involving playlists because I love music and creating playlists that evoke certain feelings or have more meaning than just a list of songs. I also love poetry so this was a no brainer for me! Below you can check out the poem I created for Sea of Rust.

I originally made my playlist in iTunes but I realized with the new layout, you wouldn’t be able to read the titles all in a row in a seamless fashion so I moved it to Spotify. First I went through my entire iTunes library and picked out songs that reminded me of different aspects of Sea of Rust. I started to get a solid concept in mind because I found phrases that really fit in well. I decided to focus on Two’s role as a sacrifice to be spare parts for Rebekah, as well as Brittle and other bots’ loss of sanity when they start to break down. My favorite parts of my poem are definitely the “green light” part, because I was happy to find something reminiscent of the “green flash” in the novel, and the fact that I was able to get some rhyming in the poem with fitting lines.

If I have time in the coming weeks, I’d love to remix this assignment with an audio one and make some kind of mash up with my poetry songs! Let me know if you recognize any of the songs or share your own playlist poem.


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