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Scan Your Code to Purchase the Apocalypse

Train to Busan, only $9.99 at your local apocalyptic retail!

This week I chose Train to Busan as my apocalyptic film to watch and although my reaction to it will come in a later post, I’ll tell you right now that this movie gave me a lot of feelings. I loved it and have been thinking about it since I watched it so I decided to use it to turn into a barcode for the Create a Movie Barcode assignment. This assignment was cool for a lot of reasons. First off, it allows you to get a visually representation of an apocalyptic color scheme and aesthetic. Looking at the barcode for this movie and you can tell right away it’s not a comedy or children’s movie. It has gritty, muted colors and not much variation in palette. There’s mostly blues, grays and the occasional yellow or white. This assignment also made me think of the Kurt Vonnegut video on the shape of stories. Just like the process he used there, it’s possible to see the different ‘waves’ and arcs of the story in this visual after you’ve seen it once. I can pinpoint certain points of the film and through the colors trace different “movements” of it. It’s not a stagnant line of color or a huge kaleidoscope of rapidly shifting colors but a narrative of them.

After completing this assignment, I can see why it got 5 stars! Although it used a lot of programs that did the work for me, I had a hard time figuring out just how to accomplish what I wanted. Now I think that finding safe downloads and researching websites can count as a skill because it was difficult for me to find a place where I could download the full length of this movie without expecting a virus. It ended up being in Spanish but for the purpose of this assignment, it didn’t matter. Then I downloaded the MPEG-Stream program like the assignment page instructed and I came to a complete standstill. I’d never used this program before and even on the tutorials it didn’t include what to do when you uploaded your video to the program. Luckily, Jenn helped me out with a handy dandy tutorial and I had my images in a folder ready to go! Until… more technology fails. I uploaded my images to the Imj generator multiple times on both Chrome and Safari, even using the folder of images option and the selecting images option. The generator kept creating blank images. I shot the creator of the generator, Zach Whalen a message about this but decided to give it one more go with the option for smoothness off. It worked! And although my picture is not smooth and all and is a little ugly, it came out for me to share with you guys today. I’ll update it later if I can manage to create a smoother version.

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  • I think you did a good job achieving the end product you were shooting for. I have noticed that this week I had to step out of my comfort zone i.e. programs I’m used to using. This week I found new programs and websites to achieve the success I was trying to reach. It’s good that you kept working on this assignment by using mulitple options to get the product you wanted. Good Job!!!!

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