Lauren Sargent

A Tangled Web

For my first novel assignment, I did the Harness Relationships assignment for 5 stars. In this assignment, you are asked to use the website Kumu to create a web that connects settings, people and events from your chosen novel. The novel I did, Sea of Rust, has a motley crew of characters and a few key settings throughout the story so I was excited to piece them all together in a huge web.


To start, I went back through the novel and made a list of what stuck out to me as the most prominent characters. I did the same for settings. For the events, I relied on my memory and summed them up in a few major events because there were so many over the course of the novel. I included all the most important bots in the life of the main character, Brittle, as well as her original human owner, Braydon and his wife that owned her after his death, Madison.

I separated the bots into different groups based on how she knew them. Mercer and Murka are connected because they were buddies and comrades who originally hunted Brittle but became part of a group with her after NIKE 14 was invaded. 19 and Doc were introduced in NIKE 14 so they’re connected to this location, as well as Brittle, because they are friends to her (which is rare for Brittle). I put Rebekah and her envoy in their own section as well, including One and Two who acted as spare parts for her, and Herbert, a bodyguard. She’s connected to Isaac because she is part of the collective whole who acted as “Isaac” and who will become a new collective Tacitus to save the world. Her goal is also included on the web, to reach Isaactown and reconvene with the other fragments of the collective whole.

The events I included are the invasion of NIKE 14 by CISSUS, the murder of Madison, the questioning/inquisition of the Mad Bots and the final battle at Marion. I tried to tie each event to a location or a party involved. The murder of Madison was included because it’s a traumatic event for Brittle, even though she seems to be in denial of the emotional connection she has to the moment. The other three events are important arcs in the story.

Me trying to detangle my mess of a web.

This assignment was honestly more difficult than expected. The web mapping interface takes a while to get used to and it took me a while to figure out how to color each element differently and connect people or places to more than one object. There isn’t much online help to guide you through it, because this website is usually used for different functions. However, I figured it out through trial and error and managed to make a functional web. One thing I found out, however, is that when you share your web, there is no way to pin down your elements in the web. So when I went to view my shared web, the pieces of the web were tangled, moved around and the label I added was out of place. Because of his, I screenshotted my final product so that I could share it the way I intended it to look. If you made a web as well and managed to make the pieces lock into place, let me know!


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