Lauren Sargent

10 Seconds of Being the Blandest Person

To start off my evening of writing assignments for DS106 I decided to do this 10 seconds of thanks prompt because there’s nothing like rushing to say all the things you’re grateful for to wake you up. Here’s what I managed to pull together, including my 10 second portrait (beautiful, I know):

What I’m Thankful For






Introducing, the most generic woman in the world.

I wasn’t able to pull my thoughts together enough for a cohesive and well thought out list but I think I got the key points. Nobody’s left out in the generalization of family and the rest came from what I was feeling in the moment. Air may seem like a comical thing to be thankful for but when you have asthma you really mean it. So that’s what I’m feeling thankful for in the moment, comment down below doing your own list or sharing what you’re feeling thankful for in the moment!

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