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Products of the Apocalypse: A Handy Dandy Mirror

Yes, this IS product placement. I made this purchase on Amazon, not expecting it to be one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Check out my review here and get your own mirror to start living it up like I did!

So I decided to choose a compact mirror because I actually did have the experience of having to do multiple survival simulations in my Futura class in middle school. I’m not sure what surviving plane crashes and being stranded in deserts had to do with being gifted and talented but we did these simulations constantly. We’d have a list of supplies we made it out with and as a group we’d have to decide the ranking of most useful and important to least. There would be a sheet for your own individual ranking too in case you didn’t agree. For the desert one, a mirror was one of the objects and most of us ranked it very low. What would we need that for? Turns out, it was number one. It could be used for signaling and small heating uses (like when you burn bugs with a magnifying glass). I have never, ever forgotten about this and whenever I have a survival situation I need to think about, I remember the usefulness of a mirror! Even if it didn’t help me in the apocalypse, it’s at least light and wouldn’t take up too much space in my gear.

2 thoughts on “Products of the Apocalypse: A Handy Dandy Mirror”

  • So glad this mirror worked well for you in the apocalypse! Glad to hear it cleans easy and its smallness redefines “compact” mirror. I took a communications course last semester and we did what must have been the same assignment. I was really surprised that the reflection of a mirror can travel so far. Also, what luck you had in signalling a sharpshooter’s attention and getting saved!

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