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S.I.I.L Flyer Found: End of The End Prt. 1

In the midst of my heavy investigations into The E.N.D. and all the evidence of the infection surrounding us all, I had heard rumors of someone from an organization looking into the same suspicious activities. It turns out this is true! Annalise Zerweier of the Suspicious Infection Investigation League has been conducting intense research on this virus that has consumed nations all over the world. But it seems that not everyone wants the truth to get out… I discovered the public notice she sent out–not in the mail or posted up but in a trash can, burning. Someone wanted to stop this info before the world could know. Luckily, I got to it just in time.

Annalise had finally filled in needed info about the infection and some of its causes and the mutations involved. It appears there really are four mutations and any of us could get them–they emerge from where they were lying dormant in our genetic info. What’s more, I think that we’re all infected. I’ll get into that more in the future, as I’m sure she will as well You can read a restored copy of the document below.


She also said that she will be reaching out with more information soon. Although I worry about that happening after seeing the state of her first message for the public… I’m hopeful. We need to figure out what’s happening with the end! I’ll report back soon.

For the first half of my final project, I knew I wanted to finally make clear definitions about what exactly the infection is. I can’t get into the great story and lore without talking about what it’s turned into! I was also really interested in the evidence I’d looked at that talked about the different strands and symptoms. It was fascinating to me that there would be so many kinds of infections possible and that it was possibly reliant on what your DNA make up was. Imagine an infection that was tailored to each person. Would a universal cure even be possible? I also wanted to take this first design/writing assignment as a chance to introduce the character I used in my video portion as well. I wanted an authority figure to be able to unravel all the pieces of evidence and speak from a place of experience.

To make this section, I first designed a logo for S.I.I.L. in Photoshop. Like CDE, it has a notable seal. I used clip art to create an image I thought suited the organization and then added it to a letterhead. My favorite part was definitely burning up the real document. It was difficult because it was a windy day and I did get a welt on my finger from my lighter but it was worth it! I thought it would be cool to show how highly confidential this information was and the fact that it’s being hidden away will also tie into the greater story that I will get into in my next post.




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